My favourite iPhone photo apps

If like me you’re a big fan of taking and sharing photos on your iPhone you’ll know it’s all about which applications you use. The creator of the original “iPhonography” exhibition in South Africa and general Apple nut, Marc Forrest outlines six of his favourite on his site:

I often get asked about what apps I use for some of the iPhone photography I use to take, edit & publish my photos that I put up online, so I thought I would put a quick post together with a couple of the apps I use and the workflow I use to get them published.

His full list can be found here

For me the killer app missing is Snapseed, an app I use almost exclusively for editing pictures with on my iDevices. You can load up your image, add some effects such as “Drama” (basically make everything look over-exposed), “Grunge” (the visual equivalent of listening to Nirvana) and tweak the contrast, white balance and other parts of the picture.

The best part of Snapseed is that it’s available for iPhone, iPad and now the Mac App Store.

Of course the aim is to share the pictures in Instagram although I’m finding those filters are becoming a little tired so you’ll need a Snapseed or Wood Camera to make your pictures standout from the Instagram usuals of clouds and sepia cats.

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  1. Thanks for the post & mention ! I agree, Snapseed is awesome, just don’t seem to use it as much to edit. Loads of options, and seems to take a bit of time to get the perfect image ! That said, Snapseed is a must have for iPhoneography image editing !

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