Mobile User Experience: Trends and Developments

Yes, dullest headline ever but some interesting stats coming out of the Econsultancy “Trends Briefing”. Here’s what you need to know:

My highlight is the following:

A key issue for companies is the mobile versus app debate, and whether there is an argument for producing a mobile application versus a mobile site.

– Many companies are still failing to recognize that customers are not using these channels in a mutually exclusive manner and that it’s not an ‘either / or’ choice (empirical evidence shows that heavy app users are also the most frequent mobile internet users).

– Mobile apps and mobile web will continue to coexist going forward. Therefore, this debate is irrelevant and the best strategy would be to test the waters by developing both types.

Another interesting stat is the level of mobile penetration:

Any doubt this is the place to speak to customers?

Another issue to consider is the Native vs Hybrid web version of an application:

If you’re vaguely interested in mobile take a look here to download the rest of the trend report. Moral of the story: decent analytics will help you understand where your users come from and what they want. Without those metrics, don’t even bother with a mobile strategy.

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