Press release to follow, no I wasn’t paid for this but I think it’s something worth supporting:

In a lifetime, the average person’s heart will beat 2,5 Billion times. Flora wants you to ‘Make each heartbeat count.’

Flora is collecting heartbeats from South Africans who want to join the fight against heart disease.

In exchange for heartbeats, Flora will help upgrade cardiac facilities in hospitals throughout South Africa.

To pledge your heartbeats get involved and enter your activity type and duration on

Encourage your friends and fellow fitness fanatics to do the same, whether you clean the house, run, walk, take the stairs or play with your kids you can donate these heartbeats and get involved.

Personally I’d have added some sort of gamification metric in order to allow people to challenge each other or maybe even a little graph showing how close to reaching a goal the campaign had reached. It’s not “bash the campaign” day today and I’d urge you to sign up and support the campaign; it makes a pleasant change to actually see a brand doing some good. If you’re like me you’re doing the exercise so go ahead and pledge. In addition, if you’re looking to get going on your first ten KM run and are in Johannesburg sign up to the Keep Calm and Run Soweto 10KM challenge. Running basically changed my life and I urge you to get out there no matter what it is you do (except cycling; men shouldn’t wear spandex), Flora will tell you it’s good for your heart.

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