Dear “The Internet”: You suck

I’ll be the first to say I wouldn’t eat a Steers Rib burger if you paid me but today they did a promotion where they sold Rib Burgers for ten rand each and surprise, surprise: they sold out by 9:30am. People braved long queues and hungry stomachs to cash in on the special and when they didn’t get a burger they turned to rage! We live in the 21st century so instead of burning down a Steers outlet like they would of done in good old 1812 that rage spilled over into Facebook, Twitter and the ever popular brand hostage site Hellopeter. If you went onto a social network and complained about a cheap burget that you felt entitled too then you’re an idiot.

Seriously, you’re complaining about a cheaper burger that you didn’t get? Is your life so shallow and meaningless that you think your hot white rage over the Internet will actually do anything useful? No, you’re an entitled prat.¬†Obviously the burgers were going to sell out, obviously there would be queues and obviously there would be some with unhappy sad faces but take your ten rand, buy and ice-cream and perk up. Steers even had the decency to offer a different product at the same price but still, people want ribs! Middle class rage!

This brings me to the crux of my post: I’m so sick of people using social media as a venting tool. Hellopeter should make their users say something nice about a company before they can vent anonymously. Twitter and Facebook should create a “karma meter” where if you whinge constantly you’re flagged as a problem user and you can’t tweet something negative until you start being slightly more positive.

The moral of the story, we’re quick to condemn a brand when they make a mistake but how often do you leave a Hellopeter comment about how awesome a brand is when they give you good service? Oh well, it gives some people something to write about.

2 thoughts on “Dear “The Internet”: You suck

  1. It is simply too easy with no consequences to complain online. The problem with this is that it will start to dilute the value of complaints. I’m over caring about complaints. When I want to do a check on a company to see if they’re any good I look for compliments instead.

    I must just add, not all people complain all the time. If you’re awesome, people will compliment. Just look at our Hello Peter profile. :)

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