Under the Surface

This week Microsoft announced their upcoming Surface tablet. The tablets runs Windows RT (Windows Lite for tablets) and a “Pro” version running the upcoming Windows 8. The interesting story here is Microsoft going into the hardware business as well as how incredibly cool these tablets look. The problem with the average tablet is the fact that while it’s great for consumption of media it’s effectively useless for business except for taking the occasional note in meetings and looking important. The Surface tablet has a magnetic keyboard and touchpad attachment meaning this is an actual creation device and most likely have its own versions of Microsoft Office. Most importantly: “ooooh pretty”

There are however some serious concerns (and some more here):

  1. When
  2. How much
  3. Do you trust Microsoft to make hardware? The Xbox wasn’t exactly a manufacturing tour de force with that slight issue that they broke, a lot
  4. While the devices were announced, no one has any clue what the actual specs are.

What little we know in terms of specifications can be found on Engadget here and get their gobsmacked editors responses.

I like it, I think Microsoft is finally getting the tablet space and has found a useful niche. Windows RT comes automatically with Office and makes it super appealing for the corporate machine that requires Outlook for Exchange and other security concerns. The iPad and Android tablets are great toys compared to this. Microsoft is back and dare I say becoming cool.

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