How to get a bajillion likes for your Facebook Page

James Altucher: odd name, smart guy. James is one of my favourite Techcrunch columnists and has his own blog with some great daily updates here. His latest article is a pretty amazing story of how he managed to get 100000 people to like his blogs Facebook page within a month. Hat tip to @garymeyerza for this nugget of genius. Basically this is what he sets out to do:

I wanted to have 100,000 Facebook fans for my blog. I don’t have a product to sell. I’m not trying to get advertisers on my blog. I’m not even trying to get more speaking gigs because of my blog. But I believe in the message of my blog and I enjoy having an audience for it. So I wanted to expand that audience.

Playstation kids, this might test your attention span a little bit but it’s worth reading the whole article if you’re in any way linked to online marketing. Read the whole article here.

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