Cloning kills music before piracy

In a crazy story music labels don’t only have piracy to worry about but now the issue of their artists music being cloned. A traditional practice is a single being released before an album in order to improve sales of said album once it’s released. This gives the cloners time to make their own version and release a single of the song being played on the radio. The marketing is done by the record label and the cloners sit back and rake in the money.

A new phenomenon which sees cover versions of songs like Maroon 5’s Payphone released before the originals is causing controversy across the music industry.

Some of the world’s biggest pop stars have fallen victim to the practice, which sees near perfect copies of their latest songs enter the charts before they have even released their own version.

A fortnight ago, for the first time, one of these copies – a cover version of a song by the band Maroon 5 – made it into the top ten of the British charts before the real track was released.

The success baffled the music industry because the identity of those behind the copycat version – released under the name “Precision Tunes” – remained secret.

Now an investigation has revealed the true identity of the man behind the phenomenon.

Precision Tunes managed to reach around 35000 downloads that equates to around 17000 pounds in revenue, a pretty decent amount of money for the effort required. The rest of the article can be found here

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