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9 Principles of Innovation from Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, recently crowned as CEO of Yahoo is what could best be described as “a bad ass”. She’s 6 months pregnant but still seems to have the drive to kick the dying horse that is Yahoo into a success story. Only time will tell if she manages to achieve this fairly ambitious goal although I’d personally put money on her. Mayer has 9 excellent principles for innovation:

  1. Innovation, not instant perfection: Build, iterate, learn
  2. Ideas come from everywhere: Commenting and criticising ideas leads to even better ideas
  3. A license to pursue your dreams: let creative people have time to work on their own dreams
  4. Morph projects don’t kill them: Modify your project into something the market really needs
  5. Share as much information as you can: If everyone knows what you’re working on then they can contribute
  6. Users, Users, Users: Users bring money not the converse
  7. Data is aplolitical: never stop looking at new data
  8. Creativity loves constraints: Challenge the impossible, make it possible
  9. You’re brilliant? We’re hiring: Let your staff help you find other brilliant candidates

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