OS X Mountain Lion Meta Review

Mountain Lion has been around for about 36-hours now and I must say it’s actually really good. Apple seems to have a knack of releasing a great operating system ever two releases, Leopard was mediocre but Snow Leopard was excellent. The same applies for Lion and the transition to Mountain Lion. I’m loving the notification center and cannot wait for the likes of Skype to integrate into the platform. I went out to get a few other opinions from some smaller sized blogs:

The Verge

With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple continues to bring its desktop and mobile operating systems closer together. The $20 upgrade brings a number of iOS apps, including Reminders, Game Center and Notes, to the desktop. More significantly, it adds full iCloud integration, letting you easily share and sync documents, settings, social network account info, and other data, across multiple Macs and iOS devices. Other new features include a speech-to-text dictation app and better integration with AirPlay-compatible devices. There are also a range of upgrades and performance improvements, including a faster version of the Safari browser and a more versatile Mail app. Not all of the new features are integrated as cleanly across-the-board as they could be; for example, using iCloud to edit documents is not nearly as seamless as doing the same via Dropbox. However, the benefits of the new features vastly outweigh any such issues, especially if you use multiple iOS and OS X devices. And even if you don’t, $20 is a more-than-reasonable price for Mountain Lion’s performance tweaks and app upgrades.


For now, Mountain Lion will stand atop the mountain. It’s solid, polished, and perhaps most importantly, cheap.


This is a tremendously feature-rich upgrade from Apple, one that breathes new life into a 12-year-old OS — and more than makes up for Lion … Mac OS and the iOS are now joined at the hip in a dozen meaningful ways.

New York Times

Over all, then, Mountain Lion is a gentle, thoughtful upgrade. All 200 new features? No, not really. But 10 that you’ll use every day? For $20? Yes.

There are some excellent new features (200 in total) and all in all it just seems slicker. I still think Mac users should get their second OS upgrade free no matter when it was bought but for $20 Mountain Lion is fairly reasonable. Stop reading this and download it.

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