Does Facebook need adult supervision?

Last week’s earning call for Facebook showed that while their users are growing and their revenue is strong they’re still stuck on a worrying number: 84%. Eighty-four percent of their $1.18 billion income comes from and that has the potential to become a weakness with Google+ growing reasonably rapidly to 250 million users. The shares are getting pummelled, loosing around 50% of their value since released.

Zuckerberg is a brilliant product guy. He’s single handedly built Facebook into the powerhouse it is today but he’s still a geek in a hoody. He might be a brilliant coder but is it time for adult supervision at Facebook? In the same way that Larry and Sergey at Google got Eric Schmidt onboard while they learnt more about how to run a business is it not time for Facebook to do the same?

Facebook needs its spiritual leader and chief innovator in a hoodie. But it doesn’t need him as CEO, placating investors in a collared shirt. There are plenty of people who could manage the Facebook business. But there’s only one Mark, who needs to focus on product strategy, not investor relations.

Facebook needs to focus on mobile and monetising their product beyond just advertising and Zuckerberg is the guy to do that. Someone else should be worried about share prices and making the various investors happy. Get out of the line of fire and retreat to the lab.

Source (Reuters)

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