Introducing the Late-Edition

As a child my parents always put a priority on buying the last edition of the newspaper. After all, what was the point of reading old news and missing out on anything important that may have happened in the afternoon?

These days buying a newspaper to get the latest information seems totally anachronistic, the internet is immediate and vastly more accurate. The obvious problems are related to time and a glut of content. We’re all busy: our inbox is bursting, our instant messaging is pinging and we’re received yet another meeting request to discuss a meeting. With the web becoming an almost effortless place to publish content there is a distinctglut of content online. This is not something you need to hear from me, it’s a known fact that there is more content than mental bandwidth.

As such, more than ever, we need curators to pull pieces of the web and put them together in a cohesive manner. Filter for quality, repurpose and publish.

While there are countless examples of morning update services there is a total lack of service that connects you with what has happened in the last five to six hours after a busy day. It’s easy to find a way to keep updated while drinking your morning coffee but no way to know what has happened once you get home and are drinking the evening whiskey.

Enter the Late-Edition, a curated website published between four and five p.m from Monday to Thursday. Topics will include news, business, sports, tech and even a bit of celebrity. When Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart murder each other in a lovers quarrel, you’ll hear about it on the Late-Edition.

We’ve got plans for an email newsletter, HTML 5 mobile app and some great ways of monetising the app but for now the site features a responsive design meaning you’ll have a great experience whether on a phone, tablet or computer.

The first official Late-Edition will be live later, take a look here

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