Who is Honest Toddler?

One of my favourite Twitter accounts is currently HonestToddler, a rambunctious youngster that pretty much tweets everything a two year old would think and do. I took the following from parenting blog Rattle & Mum:

If you’re on Twitter and not following @HonestToddler, you are missing out on one of the funniest and most unexpected tweeps. HT is elusive and you don’t really know his/her identity, but whatever he/she tweets rings true – from toddler tantrums to parents’ “failings” and weaknesses.

Here’s an interview with Honest Toddler, via Parenting.com

Sabrina James: Honest Toddler, you are the voice of your generation! How does that make you feel?

Honest Toddler: I’m not sure. It makes me happy that people are listening to toddlers, but sad that I am cooperating.


SJ: How old are you?

HT: This many.


SJ: Are you a boy or girl?

HT: That one.


SJ: What is your name?

HT: “Come here right now.”


SJ: What made you decide to start your blog and Twitter account?

HT: An outlet. An outlet that won’t make fire if put a plastic fork in it.


SJ: What do you do when you are not tweeting?

HT: Playing, forced sleep, forced eating, running fast.


SJ: Where do you live?

HT: On a street with several cars, six or seven trees and plenty of ants.


SJ: How do you get what you want from your parents?

HT: Ask over and over until they are mentally fatigued and emotionally crippled.


SJ: What are the three words you would use to describe your mom?

HT: Mom: Rules, Secret Chocolate, Hugs


SJ: What are your favorite things about your dad?

HT: Daddy is wonderful at games, throwing me in the air, and being a giant. He could work on accepting the fact that the big bed is mine also.


SJ: Describe what you picture as the perfect mom and dad.

HT: They would be generous with cake for sure.


SJ: Why are you always anxious to have your dad come home, often tweeting him to tattle on your mom?

HT: I have no recollection of that.


SJ: What is it about co-sleeping you love?

HT: The cozy.


SJ: What do you want to be when you grow up?

HT: Powerful.


SJ: You have mentioned an older sibling, does he/she have the same attitude as you?

HT: My sibling is powerful, but I am increasing in power daily.


SJ: Can you share your observations on the following topics?

HT: Moms’ Nights Out: Terrible

Parent Drinks (cocktails): Terrible use of house fruit

Kids fashion: We are not Christmas trees. Ridiculous.

TV shows: Best is Aurthur because I love reggaeton. Worst is Curious George because I don’t like how he thinks he’s people.

Instagram: For showing off while pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder

Pinterest: For showing off while pretending to be Martha Stewart

Facebook: For showing off to your “friends”


SJ: What would you wear every day if you could?

HT: Naked.


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