Lance, you’ll always be my hero

Last week Lance Armstrong, seven times Tour De France (6 of them consecutively) winner was stripped of his titles and banned from cycling for life. For me, Lance Armstrong is more than just a cyclist but someone who overcame physical difficulties in order to give back to a sport and inspire the world. His Livestrong foundation has changed people’s lives and he continues to be an inspiration for many.

To brand Lance Armstrong a cheater is ridiculous, the US Anti Doping Agency needs to take a long hard look at the situation and rethink their approach to cheating. Why bother trying to go after someone over ten years later?

If we can assume that Lance Armstrong did dope it’s safe to say that everyone else in the Tour did so as well. What this means is that Lance Armstrong still beat everyone else on the same level of enhancement as him. I’ll never forget in 2001 when Lance stopped to wait for Jan Ulrich when the two were racing for the yellow jersey and Ulrich had a chain malfunction. That’s sportsmanship you don’t often see in any discipline.

Step back for a moment and enjoy some of the greatest Lance moments in the video below, 7 titles officially or not he’ll always be a hero to me:

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