It’s time to run Jozi again

From the creators of the “Run Jozi” race comes the latest 10KM race: the “We Run Jozi” taking place on the 7th of October.

This is one of 34 races to take place in Nike’s 2012 global WE RUN series which aims to inspire, enable and connect runners around the world.

20,000 South African’s will form part of the 395,500 runners from 34 cities participating in the WE RUN 2012 Series, which commenced September 1 in Prague, and will travel to countries across Africa, Asia, Central Europe, Middle East and Latin America, concluding in December in Brazil, while connecting runners through Nike’s most innovative and digitally advanced Nike+ technology.

Runners can expect a unique race experience however, in another first, this season’s race route it yet to be disclosed. The route will only be revealed once the 20,000th entrant has registered for the race. Everyday athletes will be encouraged to collectively inspire one another to help reveal the route by registering on www.facebook.com/nikerunningza. Race goers will have the opportunity to expose sections of the route, revealing the course in stages, with the last entrant ‘crossing the 10 kilometre finish line’ and unveiling the final point in the race.

The race is divided into two categories, namely Student and Open, with the registration fee pegged at R70.00 (including VAT) per student with a valid student card, and R150.00 (including VAT) per Open Runner. A portion of the race fee will benefit youth athletes of the Alexandra Running Community.

It’s going to be a big one and 10KM isn’t that hard to train for in such a short timeframe. Make it happen, it’s the best thing I ever did.

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