Technology has destroyed us

I’ve read countless post announcement commentary about how dull the iPhone 5 is and how it’s Apple’s fall from grace. I’m personally guilty of this as well, I find devices exceptionally dull if they don’t come out with a whole bunch of “whiz bang” features. An example of this is the iPhone 5, I am debating not getting one because it “only” comes with an 8 megapixel camera (the same as the iPhone 4S) and is only slightly larger in terms of screen (compared to the Samsung and HTC phones coming out these days).

It’s the dumbest thought I’ve had in years. The other day, I went for a run with my phone; tracking the distance and speed with an app, listened to music and took a photo all at the same time. Five years ago this would have been considered science fiction. Who cares if it’s the newest version, a two year old device can do some amazing things.

It brings me to the following video where Jimmy Kimmel sends an iPhone 4S out onto the street and tells people that they are playing with a new iPhone 5. Hilarity ensues:

Moral of the story, it’s just a phone.

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