Putting the “Gorilla” in Gorilla Glass

That piece of glass you have on your smart phone is most likely made by a company called Corning and the technology behind it actually dates back to the 1950’s. The product wasn’t commercially viable until Steve Jobs went to see the CEO of Corning and requested that they create a product not technically invented in six months.

Steve Jobs gave the 53-year-old Weeks a seemingly impossible task: Make millions of square feet of ultrathin, ultrastrong glass that didn’t yet exist. Oh, and do it in six months. The story of their collaboration—including Jobs’ attempt to lecture Weeks on the principles of glass and his insistence that such a feat could be accomplished—is well known. How Corning actually pulled it off is not.

If you’ve read the Steve Jobs book you’ll know that part of the story but the actual details behind the building process is even more fascinating. Read the rest here.

Source (Wired)

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