Taking print media digital

With tablets growing more and more daily the opportunities for magazine content has started to explode. With the simplicity of solutions such as Zinio, Snapplify, Issuu, Adobe and countless other startups entering the arena on a daily basis it seems crazy that traditional magazine publishers are complaining about declining revenues.

Take for example the UK based “Future Publishing” who until a year ago had absolutely no digital strategy:

“Sales of digital editions on Apple devices have passed £5 million ($8 million) in the period since the Apple Newsstand was launched in October 2011,”

With the total removal of printing costs, increased potential distribution and just general convenience for readers it’s an obvious choice. In addition, Future had the following to say:

CEO Mark Wood recently said: “In March, we were at over 12 million (free) container app downloads, had five million people signed up for marketing messages, which is a lot, and way past half a million sales.”

It’s not all massive sales and the market is eventually going to get more competitive. If you’d like more on Future Publishing PaidContent has a great interview with their CEO here.

Print is dead, the content is going to go on forever.

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