Avoiding regret

Forbes has a great article on “40 Things To Say Before You Die” by Jessica Hagy who uses visuals to communicate ideas. Here are number forty down to thirty-five:

40 “I wonder.”

Give yourself time to think so the time you spend doing things will be better spent.

39 “Today was good.”

If you can say it once, you can say it again. And again. And again.

38 “I believe in this.”

A god, a plan, a company, a person, an idea—you have to put your faith in something.

37 “I’m not finished.”

Only you get to decide when your life’s work is done.

36 “Thank you for making this possible.”

Because nobody does anything alone. We’re driven and supported and thwarted by others at every turn.

35 “That’s enough.”

Food. Drink. Episodes of Law & Order. Pairs of shoes. Overtime. Articulating your own limits is powerful.

Read the rest on Forbes, the top 5 are particularly awesome.

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