The new iMac sucks

The new iMac announced last night is beautiful. It’s thinner, lighter and much better looking than the old models but it’s a logical step backwards for a company supposedly moving forward. In the same way that the world is starting to embrace healthy fashion models and shun the super thin, so too should we shun this new super thin iMac.

The wool has been pulled over our eyes you see. The new iMac is technologically similar to its predecessor in that the old devices use Intel Core processors, has the same resolution and size screens and doesn’t have an SSD drive by default. While Apple is improving its mobile devices by going thinner and lighter with higher resolution screens it seems its now flagship desktop (the Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in years) is lagging behind.

The 2012 model comes without an optical drive and only the higher end models come with the SSD/HDD combo called the Fusion Drive (which theoretically could be provided in any current device) and the resolution is the same as the old models. Essentially you’re getting less for your money than last year not to mention I can’t see these things surviving very long due to heat issues.

That said, I want one and am lusting heavily over something as thin and light on my desk. I’m not the only one, The Verge had the following to say:

Apple’s using a ridiculously aggressive rounded back to make the sides appear almost impossibly thin until you come around fully to the back, at which point the true depth of the machine is apparent. It’s a trick, but it works incredibly well… the laminated front glass and anti-glare treatments make images look like they’re lying right on top of the screen… Overall it looks stunning – the first real reason to replace an iMac in years.

The new iMac is the sportscar of desktop computers: horribly impractical but oh so enjoyable.

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