Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Reviews

Too busy playing Call of Duty to write anything serious however some other people have managed to pull themselves away from their PC’s long enough to put some words down. A very rapid metareview:


This is by far the hardest overall score I’ve ever had to decide on. The game has some excellent parts to it but at the same time it isn’t vastly different from previous titles. Does that hold it back or is it unfair comparing it…


Put it this way if this was a brand new IP it would easily get a 9.5 but thinking now and discussing it with the team it is impossible to ignore the fact that the engine is creaking and there are some fundamental gameplay issues that have stagnated.


Multiplayer is king in Black Ops 2, offering plenty of in-game and inherent rewards for its ravenous online community. It’s paired with a lackluster story that fails the ambition shown by the branching campaign, reflecting the overall game’s forward-thinking but imperfectly executed ideas. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 isn’t the best or most charming entry in the franchise, then, but it takes risks, exploring more than is strictly required for an inevitably annual franchise.

Game Informer:

For shooter fans that don’t require as deep of a dive, Black Ops II’s multiplayer may feel like more of the same. No significant new match types are present, and the Pick 10 system doesn’t drastically change the gameplay experience. Most of the changes to the Call of Duty formula come in campaign mode, and they are executed with mixed results. Despite some frustrations, Black Ops II is yet another massive, polished, finely tuned entry in a series that shows no signs of slowing down. Even if Treyarch misses the mark on occasion, I respect the developer for taking chances with a series that would sell just fine if it stuck with the status quo.

I’ll be the guy with the bloodshot eyes


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