Another competitor in the fitness tracking arena

I’ve reviewed the Nike Fuelband before¬†and after months of lusting after the device I have totally ditched it back into its box. The reason: it’s actually fairly useless and only tracks certain activities. Knowing that I achieved a certain amount of fuel points is great but the fact that I got more points for a run compared to an equivalent gym session made it quite frustrating. You could use a spinning bike for ten hours and receive absolutely zero points since your arms were not moving. Speaker and bluetooth headset manufacturer Jawbone released the “Jawbone UP” around the same time as the Fuelband but it was, in general, a massive failure due to the fact that it broke… a lot. Now another manufacturer, Fitbit is trying to create the best device.

Fitbit have traditionally made very expensive but very good pedometers. Their latest product, the Fitbit Flex is the usual wrist based tracker that works out  counts calories, steps taken and distance covered (but not flights climbed).

According to the press release

The Fitbit Flex then automatically sends that data to a personalized website over Bluetooth. You can record your food intake, too, but you’ll have to do it manually using either the website or one of the company’s mobile apps.

The Flex tracks your sleep quality as well, but the approach here differs from other Fitbit products: whereas the Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip have a key you can press to enter sleep mode, the Flex has no buttons at all, so your only recourse for logging sleep is to use the app or website.

I still don’t think anyone has gotten this concept right although as I said in my Fuelband review: “This device gets me off the couch on lazy days”. If everyday was a lazy day for me (I run a good distance weekly) these types of devices would be great.

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