Work related anxiety and stress

You’ve come back to work relaxed and ready to smash 2013 but invariably stress will rear its ugly head sooner than later. In addition you’re a bit of a workaholic so you’re chained either to your desk, laptop or email on some mobile device. Is it possible to have a lifestyle of hard work without anxiety and stress? Inc Magazine put together seven ways it is possible, here are my top 3:

Work your tail off when you have to, not when you don’t. Business happens in spurts. Always. Whether you’re developing a product or growing a business, those long hours don’t go on forever. It’s OK to kill yourself for a few weeks or months, as long as you chill out for a while when it’s over. If you do it constantly, you’re asking for trouble.


Mix business with pleasure. Whenever you’re going through high-stress times, take your team out for dinner. Have a few drinks. Take breaks and goof around. Yes, it probably takes longer to get things done that way, but I would argue that higher morale increases effectiveness.


Strategize and plan. Here’s a method for managing stress you’re not likely to see anywhere else. When things seem overwhelming, they’re often the result of day-to-day inertia. To thwart the evils of the status quo, take a step back and gain some perspective. Get some time away from distractions–just you or with your team–and brainstorm, strategize, and plan. Have a nice dinner out. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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