A look at the Parrot eBee Drone

Parrot, manufacturers of bluetooth headsets and the awesome A.R. Drone have come out with a new drone in the form of the “eBee”. Unveiled last week at CES last week there is very little information on the actual device but what we do know is:

The Parisian company’s AR.Drone 2.0, which can now fly for 18 minutes straight, has a GPS-equipped flight recorder that tracks flight details such as speed and altitude.


There’s also a “Director Mode” with panning and stabilization capabilities for users who want to use the flying device to shoot video footage.


“You just shake it and throw it like a paper plane,” said Parrot Chief Executive Henri Seydoux, who said most previous map making was done from the ground in a “very long and very painful” process.

As a fan of the original drone this is a particularly cool new direction for such devices. As drone’s become more common beyond just military reasons this looks to be the direction where every home has a drone for security or automation purposes.

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