Some thoughts on the iPhone 5

As a two year iPhone 4 user I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 5. My choice ultimately lay between the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Nokia Lumia 920 or the iPhone 5. Since I’m not a huge fan of Samsung products (very plastic) and the Lumia was more expensive than the iPhone I took the more boring option with the iPhone 5. Why do I call this boring? Simply because it’s no different to the iPhone 4 it replaced. There are a few issues to consider if you’re on the fence:

  • Size: At first the iPhone seems odd; it’s uncomfortably light and doesn’t feel like there is anything in your pocket. If you are going from the relatively bulky 4/4S to the 5 you’ll instantly notice a weight difference. At first I saw this as a disadvantage however it’s definitely a great step in the right direction. The phone is light without feeling cheap or being made of plastic to achieve this slim figure.
  • Screen: A lot has been said about the screen as well. Many found the resolution to be an odd choice as older unoptimised apps show a black border on the top and bottom of the screen. Initially there were a few apps that had this issue but lately I’m struggling to find an app that hasn’t been updated for the resolution of the iPhone 5.
  • Speed: It’s fast, ridiculously fast. My iPad 3 feels like a sloth in comparison. Everything happens instantaneously and going back to a 4 feels like wading through treacle.
  • Connections: There was plenty noise made about the new Lightening connection in the new iDevices. People complained about needing new accessories and a different cable. I have one response: get over it. These same whiners would have complained if Apple hadn’t changed and that they were falling behind Android.

Now for the downsides:

  • Battery: The battery on the iPhone 5 feels worse than before, especially considering this is a brand new device. I was definitely getting less battery life from the iPhone 4 but that when it was two years old and the battery had done countless cycles. I think I went through about 50% battery in two hours just using it to take around 20 pictures with the GPS on for geotagging.
  • Scratchy: I don’t like a case but I’m seriously considering one. I already have a chip in my phone and considering I never once had an issue with damaging my old iPhone 4 I think the new design is definitely a little more sensitive.
  • iOS 6: While I’m not a fan of Android it’s rapidly eclipsing iOS in terms of features, innovation and just general excitement. iOS 6 is Apple’s biggest mis-step in a while not because it’s bad or buggy but because they’ve actively chosen to slow down innovation. Apple Maps is a joke and ironically one of the main reasons I stuck with the iPhone was due to the release of the excellent Google Maps app.

There’s a lot of other good such as the great camera (both back and front) and the integration with iCloud. It’s a great device but I can’t help but feel that at this trajectory Apple won’t have my business within the next two years.

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