Soft drinks are fattening, this is a fact not a particular opinion of mine. New York is putting a ban on soft drink sizes and now Coke has come out with what I can only describe as a cynical ploy to make themselves look as though they care about the issue of obesity.

Some highlights if you don’t want to watch the whole video:

  • We’ve lowered calories across our products and industry
  • We’ve created smaller, portion controlled sizes
  • We’ve added the calorie count on the front of our packaging
  • We’ve started putting water, juices and low or no calorie products into schools
  • We’ve given money to charities that promote exercise
  • It’s up to you to burn more calories than you put in

It’s hard not to feel a bit fuzzy about the effort Coke has put into their marketing effort but ultimately this is the same as the cigarette industry offering ten packs with a lower tar content. The effort required get rid of a single can of Coke is an hour run and the picture below truly explains what you’re putting into your body. Lower calorie drinks and juices still have a fair share of sugar in them.


2 thoughts on “Coca-cynical-cola

  1. About as believable as KFC and McDonald’s trying to put a spin on their ‘health’ menus. Read another report a while back about MD’s opening up a vegetarian branch in India… which happens to be on a somewhat sacred site. Why make real, major changes when it is easier just to blur public perception? *smh*

    Also, calorie-free and sugar-free nearly always means artificial sweeteners are used instead. From a health point of view, those aren’t ideal either. No matter how they try and market their products, not a single one of their drinks could ever be considered nutritional. But… if Coca-Cola had to sell *real* sugar-free (and additive-free) drinks, they would probably lose a fair bit of business… much harder to get stuck on real fruit juice after all.

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