A link between marriage and employee’s

It’s an interesting concept: “treat your employee’s the same way you would you wife/husband”

This was a realisation from the CEO of, Jay Steinfeld when he recently got married again. Bosses and senior management are always looking for ways to instill loyalty in their staff members and here are five interesting points about how to do this using principles of marriage:

  1. “I promise to continue to appreciate all the little things you do, such as making me smile, or just making me a cup of coffee.”

  2. “I promise to create a warm and inviting home for one another, our friends, and our combined families.”

  3. “I admire the love you have for your children and how you demonstrate that love by spending time with them. I will honor and support your relationships with them.”

  4. “Whatever challenges we might have as a couple or individually, I promise, together with you, to meet those challenges head-on.”

  5. “I will always love you.”

I don’t recommend telling your employee’s that you love them but these are some great points. Click through to read the explanations of each point; some great literature.

Source (Inc Magazine)

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