Prototype your app on paper

I recently discovered a brilliant prototyping tool: paper. Take a moleskin diary (or any paper), a four rand pen and some imagination and you can have an app frontend ready within an hour. However, a large part of the process of designing an app is the interactions that take place on the device and how a swipe or press will affect movement within the app. A new iPhone app called POP has a solution to this problem: just snap some pics of your sketches, link them together with a few taps, and voila: instant interactive prototype. No coding required.

Designer Leo Lin of the company that designed the app says: “With paper you can iterate faster than any other tools. One day, one of our founders looked at these sketchpads and thought, ‘It’s good to have paper prototypes, but they are very difficult to present or share, why don’t we make an app to solve this?’ That was when everything started to make sense: Just draw on paper, take pictures, and make it interactive.”

According to The Next Web:

“The app is a breeze to use, especially when compared to more complex utilities like Balsamiq. Better yet, it’s quick and your finished results can be shared.”


This looks like a great prototyping tool for app developers especially considering you can animate the interactions. Advanced tools such as Balsamiq can’t quite to do this yet and they aren’t aimed towards app development. POP is most interesting for me as you’re using your mobile device to prototype mobile apps; where better to be inspired by the natural interaction a touch device can provide?

Source (Fast Company)

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