That FNB advert sucks

There’s been a lot said about the latest campaign from FNB featuring a young girl clearly reading off a teleprompter about how she wants the future of South Africa to be wonderful. If you haven’t had the pleasure click play:

The ANC doesn’t like the advert because it’s promoting dissent amongst the youth of South Africa. FNB then went and withdrew the adverts; a move most likely inspired by the fact that the ANC banks a lot of money with them.

I think the uproar over the ANC being little girls and FNB being pansies is an irrelevant debate. What’s more important here is that this advert is quite simply a steaming pile of crap. A commercial entity getting a little girl to read about how much better the country could be (if the government sorted their shit out) is cynical commercialism at best. It’s in FNB’s best interest for the ANC to sort themselves out but for FNB to publish this advert under the guise of helping the country, it’s no better than Coke showing ads about how bad obesity is.

If the ANC had half a brain cell between them they’d realise that they should be complaining about the quality of the advert rather than the “subversive” message. FNB’s adverts are generally excellent, this is a total mis-step for them.

One thought on “That FNB advert sucks

  1. Couldn’t agree more.. I’m a loyal FNB client but these adverts are stupid.. FNB should stick within it’s mandate and not enter politics

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