Some of the greatest job applications ever

So you want to work at a creative agency but how do you stand out amongst the other creative riff raff? Here are three great resumes:

  • The Google Search Resume

Alec Brownstein is well aware of creative directors’ tendency to Google their own names, so when the copywriter was looking for a new gig in 2010, he figured one way to get their attention would be to buy up ads for himself against those search terms. “Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too!” the messaging read. Sure enough, he landed interviews with major names in the ad business, including David Droga and Ian Reichental, and ended up working at Y&R New York.

  • The Smartphone Mouth

French art director Victor Petit was looking for an internship when he created this mobile experience pitching his wares. The idea was simple: Prospective employers scanned a QR code, and their phones took on the mouth of the candidate, through which he introduced himself. “I realized during my previous job search that getting an interview at a communication agency is the hardest part of the process. I tried to create a CV (resume) that would enable me to express myself vocally as soon as they read the paper version,” Petit told Mashable.

  • The Amazon product listing

Philippe Dubost decided the best way to get his name out there would be to create a mockup of an Amazon product listing, pitching himself as the product. The result is impressive and remarkably similar to the real thing. This one isn’t an agency application, per se, but Dubost has spent his career working in and around advertising and digital media as a Web product manager. That said, most agencies would be impressed by this creation anyway.


Source (Digiday)


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