The latest release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 really upsets me. The tablet is clearly using Samsung’s design language and looks like a blown up Galaxy S3, Samsungs current (for the next week or so) halo phone. What makes me feel as though this is a cold and callous attempt at product development is the obvious connection to the iPad Mini.

Samsung created the 7-inch tablet genre with its original generation Galaxy Tab; a piece of plastic I thought was quite poor due to it using Android 2.2. This version was made for a phone not a tablet and just never felt right to me. Fast-forward about three years and Samsung has released multiple 7, 8.9 and 10.1-inch tablets. There’s literally a tablet for every size need.


Last year Apple launched the iPad Mini, a device that many see as Apple’s attempt to fight back against the likes of the Kindle Fire HD (an 8.9-inch tablet) as well as the Google Nexus 7 (7-inches and around half the price of a full size iPad) which has been selling in the bucket loads. In true Apple fashion they tried to make it slightly different and to not have any issues with aspect ratio or resolutions they kept the 1024X768 resolution of the original generation iPad as well as the generally squarer aspect ratio compared to the more widescreen ratio of all Android tabs. The iPad Mini is 7.9-inches; see a trend?

Samsung all but destroyed the Sony monopoly on big plasma screens (by releasing tons of models at lower prices) in the early two thousands and their market share in the mobile phone arena seems to show a similar trend.

What we have here is a company that doesn’t in any way wildly innovate but clones industries that are profitable. You’ll notice Apple hasn’t really released anything wildly exciting over the past few months and frankly do you blame them?

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