Can exercise at work help you to be more productive?

Could taking an exercise break every hour on the hour make your company more productive? Overit Media’s employees can tell the time by whether they’re doing leg lifts or tricep dips. They’re convinced their workout program is good for the company’s bottom line.

It’s an interesting concept:

The folks at Overit are convinced that OverFit boosts productivity, and they unconditionally recommend it to other businesses. Company founder Jen Graybeal finds that merely getting the blood circulating seems to fuel her creativity and that of her colleagues. Not to mention, it’s likely to reduce health care costs. “We’ve seen the articles that say that sitting is the smoking of our generation,” says Graybeal, referring to studies that suggest the perils of a sedentary lifestyle.

At first I couldn’t help but think it’s a totally disruptive concept and then I considered that many “getting things done” proponents recommend slicing your tasks up into hour stretches where you work for 50 minutes and relax for 10. This kind of minute exercise every hour fits perfectly into the mindset.

According to Graybeal: “We’ve seen a big difference not just in terms of the way we look but the way we feel,” she says. The two estimate that about half the employees are regular participants, with another five or 10 who drop in and out. They span both ends of the fitness scale, from a marathon runner to folks who weigh well over 200 pounds.

For me this is less about time or even fitness but a discussion on culture. By getting together every hour the employees are forced to spend time together in a positive manner; it’s something of a no brainer. Exercise might not be the glue that holds the company together; it could be an hourly musical session or something that allows for people to connect on a more emotive level.

Original source (Fast Company)

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