Often I really hate Twitter

I often think to myself: “what did I do before Twitter when I’m bored?”

The truth is, the 140 characters of time wasting are great to keep you busy and entertained however I can’t help but find complete disdain for the sins performed on Twitter. I will now demonstrate these sins with my own examples:

  • Sin 1: “My life is so f*&king awesome:

This was me posting a picture of spending a Friday in a small plane. Why… I want to look awesome.

  • Sin 2: “Here’s an article I think will make me look smart”:

I’m so smart,  I read Business Insider.

  •  Sin 3: “I’ll argue with you even though I would never do this to your face”:

Some backstory here: I was shooting down a South African startup that I don’t really know much about. It wasn’t constructive and it was said in a flippant manner. We’re all guilty of this.

  • Sin 4: “The subtweet”:

I don’t have a good example here. I’ve deleted these tweets because I feel like a tool

-Saul Kropman (@saulkza)

I don’t have a specific example here because I’ve tried to remove all of them because I feel like a complete idiot once the moment passes. This is typically found in the form of a tweet saying something like: “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you.”

  • Sin 5: “Brand hatred”:

It’s so easy to complain to a brand online. It’s relatively safe and anonymous and social media was created so brands could listen right? Notice my words: “listen” not “abuse”. Be nice out there, don’t look like a tosser.

  • Sin 6: “I’m so angry about politics tweets”:

The truth is, politicians are so taken with social media that they’re sitting online all day waiting for the complaints of their constituents. Complaining on Twitter about politics is about as useful as pissing into an oncoming wind.

Twitter has become a place for complaints, moans, whinging and general outbursts. Sadly, it’s a medium where the loudest (and usually the dumbest) climb to the top. I’m not saying it’s a bad place to spend time during the day however I am saying think before you tweet your latest complaint.

2 thoughts on “Often I really hate Twitter

  1. Good food for thought. Reminds me of that saying, “Would you put that tweet up on a billboard for everyone to see”. You missed one though. The tweet that goes: “How cool is this breakfast/lunch/supper with all my amazing twitter friends & one celebrity – aka the infamous #tweetup” 😉

  2. So agree. My worst is the hashtag #brandfail. Really, just because somebody screwed up or you are having a kak day doesn’t make it a brandfail. Maybe it’s an enduser problem!

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