The business of iOS 7

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October 2012, Apple reaches it’s highest price of over $700 a share. Today, it’s currently hovering around $430.

Two weeks ago we saw the announcement of iOS 7. Reactions are mixed, some people love the new look and others think it’s a candy coloured mix of chaos. My favourite commentary on iOS 7 has to be the Matt Gemmell post where he puts the iOS 6 and iOS 7 next to each other for this image:


The two weeks I’ve had with the operating system have left me extremely confused. It’s pretty but ironically very cluttered and since it’s still a beta the OS is very buggy as is expected. iOS 7 feels like someone smashed iOS 6, Android and Windows Phone 8 together in a blender and the resultant flurry is iOS 7. I’m not mad over it and those who are comfortable with iOS 6 (read between the lines: old people) are going to hate it for being quite different visually.

For the Apple stock price, whether people love it or hate it is irrelevant.

Right now Apple is seen as being in a creative slump. Their products are languishing and their software, particularly mobile, is lagging behind market leader Android. Samsung is kicking them in the proverbial teeth for market share and even Apple die-hards are starting to consider their options.

Right now, all the stock price needs to improve is to be different.

iOS 7 is that, different. It’s irrelevant whether it’s similar to Android or Windows Phone. It’s irrelevant whether people love or loath the operating system, it just needs to be a departure both functionally and creatively. It is.

Currently iOS 7 isn’t that great. It fills a few gaps in iOS 6 but doesn’t do anything revolutionary and still needs some catching up to do to be in pole position as it has for the past 5 years.

Apple will be releasing iOS 7 in a few months and based on how different it is, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a fairly substantial stock price increase.

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