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Getting involved with those around you

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting people. These interesting people also have interesting new projects they’re currently working on and it’s occurred to me that some really cool projects currently happening. I find that speaking to people about their projects is both interesting and inspiring for my own businesses.

Fortunately I’m getting to help various people with their projects and I wanted to share that with my readers.

Kirsty Sharman is the mind behind SuperHeroStuff. It’s a mixture of geekery, Superhero’s and gaming. I think what makes the site so unique is the fact that it’s a woman giving her input on general geekery rather than your typical horny man. At the moment I’m involved in helping shape content, a bit of strategy direction and increasing the amount of content. It’s a fun site and it’s only going to get bigger.

My friend Matt Hart is a storytelling genius. He understands the structure of a story as well as how to integrate it with business. He has a great blog on the topic (disclaimer, I also contribute) and the aim is to create a consultancy on helping businesses tell their story to their customers with more meaning and relevance. Storytelling is a massively popular topic at the moment not just because it’s a cool buzzword but due to the fact that humans are the best at understanding a product or sales pitch when wrapped in a story.

Another disclaimer here, I am involved in this business fairly full time but I’ve partnered up with Gary Meyer in order to help solve the recruitment problem with digital agencies in South Africa. We don’t provide staff, we provide a solution to your knowledge and people problems by getting involved on a daily basis to truly understand what your business requires in terms of staff and cultural fit.

So here’s my pitch: I wouldn’t have had these opportunities were it not for the chance meeting of these people. That brings me to my next point: I want to meet you. I don’t need to take ownership of your business but I want to hear about it and see where I can get involved. I’ve been called the “rolodex of the digital industry” and I love connecting people. Maybe nothing will come out of it, maybe we’ll get you further than before.

Email me.

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