Why the “iPhone 5C” is genius

I’ve owned a fairly substantial amount of phones. From my first Nokia 5110 to my current iPhone 5 I’ve owned and reviewed more phones than I can even count. However, if you ask me what my favourite phone of all time I’d have to say it was my iPhone 4. For a device to last me the usual two year cellular contract period is highly unusual. I loved that phone and even after two years it was still going relatively strong. In the end though, the contract cycle continues and I got an iPhone 5. Such is the vanity of the iPhone owner. Interestingly you can still buy the iPhone 4 and 4S, a testament to the longevity of these devices. No one is still buying a Samsung Galaxy S2, it’s a thing of the past.


I mention the vanity of the iPhone owner as it’s a critical point in my arguement: Apple is about to release the iPhone 5C or “cheap” as some are calling it. I predict they will sell in droves and here’s why:

Apple trades on vanity and beauty. If you’re still handling an iPhone 4 there is, in some way, inferiority heaped upon you by obnoxious iPhone 4S and 5 owners. Chances are if you’ve still got an iPhone 4 you either couldn’t give a damn about the technicalities of a 5-megapixel camera vs an 8-megapixel or you’re in a price bracket that can’t afford a brand new iPhone.

With the iPhone 5C, you’ve finally got a choice to “look new” even if your internal hardware isn’t top of the pile. Frankly, who cares if you’ve got an “Apple A5″ or “Apple A6″ processor. Most people have no idea what this even means. What’s more important for the average user is that they’re getting a phone in blue or pink or whatever colours we’ll be seeing in the next few days. From a perception issue, you’ve got the newest and the greatest; this makes anyone happy. They could wrap the iPhone 4S into a new case, call it the iPhone 5C and it would sell in buckets. Why: it’s new and shiny.

Many are predicting the doom of Apple as a result of them releasing a cheap iPhone 5 but I see it as the opposite: they’re opening themselves up to a market that may have historically bought a previous generation iPhone but weren’t even aware of the opportunity on their contract or prepaid offering. I’m in the market for a second phone for business and can see this becoming a perfect option. I won’t be using it for leisure, mostly web and calls.

Take the cheapest iPhone that still works with iOS 7, wrap it in a new case and call it the iPhone 5C: Genius.

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