An Uber in South Africa update

I’ve written before about Uber and how I thought it was a bad idea in South Africa (read about it here). I’ve used the service in both Joburg and Cape Town and have been suitably impressed by the service. You request a cab on your phone, they call you to confirm and then pick you up. Simple and easy. In Cape Town the pricing was totally different making the service both affordable and easy. In Joburg though the minimum cost per trip was R85, making it quite expensive. Things have changed and these are the new prices:

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.12.24 PM

So I had an interesting thought: could you replace ownership of a car with just using Uber? Assuming you have a R4K per month as well as R1K in insurance you’re looking at R5000 per month before petrol. Assuming a normal car that does about one R1.20 per kilometer with a 10KM commute you’re looking at another R24 per day. 20 work days a month puts you at R844. Roughly, you’re paying about R6000 per month for the pleasure of car ownership. According to the Uber website my work commute (which is 10KM on the dot) would cost between R117 to R154 depending on time. Extrapolating that number out to 20 work days you’re looking at worst R3080. Now it depends on your weekend car requirements but you’ve still got R3000 to spend to get to your monthly car payments.

Best of all: no e-tolls.

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