What on earth is Nokia Here?

Nokia Here is a web mapping platform provided by Nokia, available for web browsers and as a mobile app for a variety of devices. Its features include map search, satellite maps, a versatile journey planner with support for public transport routes, 3D maps, real-time visualization of traffic congestion and pre-downloadable offline maps.

I’ve used it a few times myself on a loan Lumia 820 and 920 and it works pretty decently. Nokia sent me this infographic with some more info:

HERE Infographic_Portrait_for blog post use

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 8.11.25 AM

Using stats to explore the norms of porn

When you think of the average female porn star you think “Blonde with big boobs” however in a recent, fascinating study, this turns out not to be true. The average female porn star has size 34B boobs and is a brunette; changing the paradigm of the entire porn mindset. Researcher John Millward has ploughed through the deep hole of the porn industries stats to come to some sticky conclusions. The man is clearly quite anal when it comes to data but he’s got an excellent head for numbers. It’s a lot to swallow but read the full article here or gaze at the figures in the infographic below:



The link between website speed and sales

E-commerce is a tough game: everyone is embracing the trend and going online with smaller “mom and pop” shops undercutting the big boys on price. It’s not just about product range and price: a recent report by iCrossings show that users expect a site “to load within two seconds, down from four seconds in 2006. It’s a dog eat dog world and server speed is a great way to get ahead.

Here’s an infographic made by Snapt, a server accelerator and load balancer company that helps keep websites online and speedy:


(Slight disclaimer: I do some consulting to Snapt but I’m posting this due to the fact that their product is miles ahead of almost anyone else and this is an interesting infographic)


The growth of visual marketing

Content marketing is rapidly growing overseas as brands realise that being a publisher online is a great way to get their products noticed and growing. As someone in the content marketing business I’m very focussed on words but further to that with the growth of Instagram and 500px it’s inevitable that imagery will eventually tell a thousand words. Here’s an infographic on the growth of visual content marketing: