2013-04-18 11.26.55

The time I got punched in the childhood

Everyone wants an Aston Martin; it’s the Bond card and on the outside it’s very sexy. Unfortunately, it’s kind of crap.


Pretty car, goes like the clappers but looks like absolute crap on the inside.

Here’s the fundamental problem with the Aston Martin:

2013-04-18 11.21.40

See those dials on the dash: pretty low quality dials, crappy plastic and a GPS system from 2004. The door handles feel flaky, the leather was worn about a couple of thousand kilometers and there was a shelf behind the seats where you could store parcels or you could pick up the shelf and see into a mass of electronics. In addition, things such as the stalks for the indicators seem to be pulled out of a Ford. The interior of my five year old Audi is vastly better.

This brings me to the original point of my post: I feel like I’ve been lied to. For two million rand I could buy a Porsche and have some spare change. I could even buy a Jaguar XKR; a vastly better looking car with similar power and have enough for a 4X4 of some sort.

Then I opened the bonnet:

2013-04-18 11.27.51


Fix your interiors Aston Martin; your engines are amazing.