Do you want to get frisky?

Are you unhappy with your sex life? If “yes”, you’re sadly not alone. According to a 2011 sex survey by condom brand Durex you’re part of the 54% of the world unhappy with their sexual situation.

The kind people at Durex are doing their bit to help the sexually deprived worldwide (and drive up sales of their products) with their latest campaign, the “Durex Experiment”. The press release tells us:

Durex believes that great sex is never solely about the physical. To achieve a more satisfying sex life, it should be both about the physical and the emotional experience. Durex is on a mission to give lovers around the world a little nudge to open themselves up to that feeling and be moved by the power of great sex.

Today, Durex is kick-starting the first stage of the experiment, with a search for 26 couples around the world to take part in this fun and meaningful sex experiment and be inspired to find out exactly what keeps them fulfilled between the sheets. They will have the unique opportunity to explore their passions and find out what great sex really means to them.

It’s interesting to see that Durex will also be bringing an app out to help couples explore each other. The campaign takes place over four weeks and couples will experiment with a series of sexual scenarios that will stimulate themselves and their partners in a whole new way. Couples will try everything from increased foreplay and sexy intimate talk, to swapping roles and incorporating a bit more adventure in their sex lives.

The Durex Lovers’ emotional and physical reactions will be measured using state-of-the-art cardio monitors to assess changes in heart rate to signify arousal, and their pleasure ratings to gauge its emotional impact. This will be done under the expert guidance of ‘Thrill Engineer’ Brendan Walker, who scientifically measures people’s emotional reactions to stimuli. The chosen Lovers will fly to Venice, Italy to be briefed on how to use the device by Walker himself.

So here’s the cool part, you could go to Venice to be part of this experiment. Simply go to Facebook for more information on how to win. In July Durex will also be releasing an app for iOS and Android that will use the camera on your phone to measure your heart rate and see what stimulates you.

Go enter and win a trip to Venice! (and you know, sex)