The Lego hotel

I’m not the world’s biggest hotelier but I spent six months in the industry as a consultant and have stayed at my fair share of hotels. Now though, I have discovered the greatest hotel ever invented: the Lego hotel. I’m a big Lego fan so this provides massive fascination. Wired has the following to say:

This project is about to be completed and ready to open its doors on April 5 of this year. The hotel is obviously furnished with countless references to the 8-stud brick but also with the brick itself. The rooms are categorized per theme: Pirate theme, Adventure theme and Kingdom theme. All rooms come in two types, regular or premium, depending on the type of comfort chosen, or the amount of Lego bricks in them maybe?


Every room is filled with Lego sculptures and other reminders of the geekiest toy ever invented, just like the rest of the hotel covered with such details. I am not sure whether the staff has to keep track of missing pieces in every room, but I bet that Lego bricks might start disappearing faster than bathrobes…

Pictures below: