Why are you still using traditional advertising?

I’ve noticed the new trend with billboards for cars is to put LED lights into the area on the car where the actual lights are. I had the pleasure to see this on the corner of William Nicol and Sandton Drive in Johannesburg as well as when you you get off the N3 highway by the Linksfield offramp. I’ve included an unrelated picture but imagine the lights on the picture actually glowing.



This costs a lot of money. To give you some costs a “cheap” billboard with a mere 20000 odd cars per day flow goes for R8,000 per month ex vat. In addition there is a production cost and this is only for a 3X6 meter billboard. I don’t know the exact cost for a full size billboard or one in prime locations but lets conservatively estimate it at R40,000 per month.

My point isn’t necessarily about the costs it’s about the complete stupidity of it all. I still daily get flyers for car services and other products. I’m not talking “Dr Shabangu’s penis enlargement” here, I’m talking proper businesses with franchises and physical properties.

Not only is it a lot of money but chances are your audience is checking their phones while waiting in traffic. Sure, it’s possibly a good branding exercise for something expensive like a car but ultimately it’s just that, people looking at your car. They have no info on the specs, the price or the competition. You could pretty much plaster your brand to every person on Facebook for the same price.

This isn’t the first nor the last blog post someone will write about the bizarre nature of traditional advertisers. However, I can’t help but wonder why a brand manager isn’t making an effort to diversify.